How to overcome your temper

It is easy to say “nothing is impossible” but when the time comes life reveals us the evilish truth and in such  bad situations, the first thing we lose is control on our temper.we usually read and listen to much of stuff regarding controlling of temper like counting upto ten, start deep breathing and what not.


Life full of Adventure

We all go through with different situations in life. Sometimes bad and sometimes good but the truth is that time never stops, its keep on changing, what we have to do is to fight with these situations and come out.  We have to act like as everything is going well even in bad times so that no one can take advantage in our bad times and I know this is really tough. Moreover, we have to control our temper which is the most dangerous thing in the world.

Daily life complications due to Temper

  • The Anger can make our condition worse. Many times we all had experienced that the decision taken by us in anger makes our situation more critical and complicated.  Read more